RSS Widget Question

Hi everyone,

So I just setup an RSS feed using the RSS Widget with eM Client; I’m not sure exactly where though, the RSS feeds will show up in the program. Can I setup a folder to be seen in the “Mail” panel? Thanks

Hi Jordan, the RSS feed will be visible in the Widgets tab exactly where you added the widgets. The RSS feed unfortunately can not be synchronized with your mail folders, news will be only received in the Widgets tab.

Hope this helps.


Hi Paul, thank you for the reply. So here is what I wasn’t seeing that now I figured out. The “Widgets” Panel wasn’t showing up on the left, but I right clicked the panel window and now have the “Widgets” panel showing up. Will I get an alert when there is a new RSS feed or do I have to manually check it?

Hi Jordan, unfortunately there’s no type of reminders assigned to the RSS widget/reader. Unfortunately you have to check your news on the widgets tab manually.

Maybe in future releases.