Routing Policy not working in em client only

I have gsuite mail account which have some routing rules…

Whenever i mail from any browser to external domains it sent without any issue, But whenever i try to sent same mail from em client at that time it got blocked and reason is showing “it happens due to routing policy”

Please Note: Routing Policy has no issue and working fine in any browser or outlook.

It is difficult to say why this happens without seeing the message from your email provider. But this is something you would need to ask them for assistance with, as they are blocking the message.

Dear gary,

I am the administrator of the GSuite and i created that routing rule and added some whitelisted domain too…
So It is working completely fine for all users who are using any browser, Even whenever i sent mail from same id but from Browser then at that time there is no issue. But when i try to send that same mail with same recipient it got failed, and the reason is showing that SMTP Error which i’m attaching here with screenshot.

You can check this error for your reference.

If you created the rule on the server and don’t know how to change it, then you will need to ask Google for assistance with that. There is even a link in the error that may help.

No there is no issue with routing rule it working totally fine with all other users who is using any browser, but whenever i try to sent mail from em client, i was unable to send message.

No it is not. You already gave the error.

Browsers do not use SMTP, so this does not apply.

Best solution, remove the configuration you have on the server.