Risky connection

Just switched my anti-virus from Norton to McAfee. This morning, McAfee firewall tells me it has blocked what it considers to be a risky connection from EMClient to team.crisrecomienda.com (
I can’t find any information about this URL and can’t imagine why EmClient would be trying to connect to it.
I’ve left it blocked and EmClient still seems to be sending and receiving emails OK
Has anyone else seen anything like this?

It may be some linked content in a message you have opened, or the sender’s favicon from their server which is used as the avatar for them in eM Client.

For linked content in messages, you can specify privacy settings in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy. Choose there how to download linked content.

For avatars, you can set this in Menu > Settings > Contacts > Avatars. You can disable downloading from external sources.

Ah, yes. Obvious when you think about it.
Note to self - Stop and think about all possibilities before reacting.