RIght-Click on Folder Changes Folder in Focus

I sent this to eM Client support and it was initially classified as a Feature Request. I believe it is a bug though.

It appears that the focus changes when you are currently viewing “All Inboxes” and then right-click on a folder in an account. When doing so, it changes the focus to the last folder that was viewed before viewing “All Inboxes”. Thus, if I had been viewing a folder in Account #2, clicked on “All Inboxes” and then right-clicked on a folder in Account #1, the focus will switch to the folder in Account #2.

I believe that when you right-click on a folder, the focus should stay on the current folder. So, if you are currently viewing “All Inboxes”, the focus should not jump away from that if you right-click on another folder. It certainly should not jump to a folder that is not in the account that you have right-clicked on a folder.

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