Right Click menu broken in EM Client only

As you can see here any right click in EM Client yield a scrunched option. This suddenly happened, and had not made any system changes prior to this. 


  • Checked all other program windows and all other programs work fine with right click menus
  • Removed EM Client reinstalled, still same result right click
  • Renamed the …AppData\Roaming\EM Client and AppData\Local\Em Client, then reran EM Client, caused me start ‘over’ with setup, still same result with right click
  • Looked in Program Files (x86)\Em Client but can’t find any ‘config’ or INI setting files this might be looking at (size of window when right click). 

Nevermind the Windows 10  April Update seems to have resolved the issue

Well done the Redmond Team!! :slight_smile: