revisiting attachment searching

Hello, we are currently evaluating this client for company wide deployment, however one of the key functions that we (or most businesses I would guess) perform is searching for attachments… ie. purchase order number, CAD file part numbers, etc.  Attachment searches are equally as important as body or subject searches.  I would have thought this would be a must for any email client.  I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time setting up eM client on a few work stations to get a feel for it, only to be disappointed by the lack of this feature that I feel every client should have.  I love the way eM functions in every other way, but not having attachments show in the search results is a big deal breaker, sorry.  If a terrible service like Yahoo provides this function in their webmail search, I don’t see any reason eM client shouldn’t.  I see it’s been asked many times, could you please provide an update?

Seems like a useful idea not that I would use it but I can see where others could.