Review: praise and blame

Ultimately I can’t use eM Client and have uninstalled. But it looks like it could be a viable product if fixed; genuinely intended by a good group of people; so I submit this review in the hope that it helps the company and potential users:

My experience so far with eM Client is

  • one of the only clients that was able to recognize my provider’s screwy configs
  • beautiful and useful UI
  • terrific support
  • crashed three times in less than a week, the last one fatally with unrecoverable DB
  • badly behaved uninstall: left service startup entry in registry, icon in tray, and who knows what else.
  • therefore unusable

Over and out.

Also, your forum provider won’t work with Chrome and the response is that you have no control over that. This makes your company look bad. Maybe you should consider a different provider.

Sorry but: “beautiful and useful UI”?

I can’t agree! The toobar is not customizable, has small buttons, missing functions that should be available in that area and also missing function in context menus and more. To summarise: the UI is outdated and ways behind its competitors.Even TB offers customizable toolbars since ages.

Nevertheless,  I decided to go with emClient because of  it’s nativ Caldav/Cardav support :wink:


Hi, sorry for this inconvenience, I’ve reported this issue and we’re awaiting a solution.

Thank you,

Agreed. This is still a point & click mouse interface. The trick of “adding more space in between the buttons” is not cutting it fellars. :) 

So far, emClient is the only client that I can:

  • get all my calendars from all providers
  • consolidate all my emails from all providers
  • shared calendars work like a charm
  • beautiful ideas: click an email, see the history of that sender on the right. priceless.
  • chat integration with gmail.
  • right bar utilization is perfect
  • click a contact in contacts screen, see the history of that contact on the right. priceless

You guys need to hire a UX designer. This app deserves a 21 century interface, not a WinXP knock off. It is a very well written program and I am sure you will fix all the problems in time. But the modern UI of tablets and touch screens is a paradigm shift. You need to step out of the mouse box. The icons are also very, very, uh stale and tasteless - and needless as per the touch paradigm (check out XBOX interface)

In short, no, not a beautiful UI, not even close. But a beautiful program and the best email client out there. I have tested every single one of them. Even the ones that nail the UI fall short of emClient’s capabilities by miles.

Keep it up. With a modern UI, I will not hesitate to pay for this program.

Hi, thank you for the constructive criticism, we’re currently working on an upcoming release of eM Client, which will feature a new improved UI, you can check out the preview on our facebook page and follow up with the latest news.



unfortunately the screenshots on your FB page do not show very much about possible enhancements to the UI. Regarding the toolbar buttons that now seem to be centered instead of aligned left side, IMO there is not much improvement done.

Perhaps you could update the FB page with new screenshots regarding new features in the area of toolbar customization and/or adjustable context menu items, if available.

If there are additionally improvements done for email rules (I’ve posted long time ago, you know) I wouldn’t bother too see a second Facebook posting, too :wink: