Revert to prior release

I just upgraded to version 8 and to be honest I like version 7 better (user layout and themes). I’d like to revert back to the prior release. Does anyone know how I can do this without uninstalling V8 and installing V7? Thank you!

Based on what I have read in the Forums. You have uninstall V8, and do 1 of 2 things. Restore V7 and restore from a V7 backup prior to the V8 upgrade. Or start fresh and setup everything fresh on V7. V8 on the upgrade, does an upgrade to the database files and you cannot just revert back. You have uninstall and do 1 of the 2 methods. Depending on what OS you are on, if you are on Windows, and if you took a snapshot prior to the upgrade you could revert to that prior snapshot. This is more tricky and unless you understand how to do this, I would not recommend this method. You will lose all changes since that snapshot to your windows machine and can cause more issues than its worth.

Thank you. I’ll probably do a complete wipe, reinstall and restore. Thanks for reminding me about the restore function - I had forgotten all about that.