Revert To Previous Version - Database Issue

I’m not too happy with Version 7. Trying to go back to Version 6. It had me first uninstall Version 7. I do not use the software’s backup utility but I have manual backups of the database. I had previously changed the storage location while using Version 7 to D:/eM Client. After first copying this folder to another location and reinstalling Version 6 from scratch, even after changing the storage location in settings to D:/eM Client, closing and reopening the application, and copying my saved eM Client folder back to the D drive, I only get new emails coming through. None of my old ones show up. What am I doing wrong? The file mail_data.dat is almost 6,000 Kb. Thanks, in advance.

Interesting. I reinstalled Version 7 and everything’s fine. There must be something I’m either doing or not doing to make the Version 7 database not backward compatible. If anyone has a clue, I’d appreciate it. Really prefer Version 6. Thanks.