Retrieve last 2 years?

I see you can configure the account to retrieve last year or all messages, but is there a way to get “last 2 years” or “last 3 years” like in Outlook ?

Thanks !

If you have a cloud acxount like a eg: IMAP or Exchange account, go to “Menu / Accounts” (PC) or “eM Client / Accounts” (Mac).

Then click the eg: IMAP, Exchange tab along the top and you will see in the “Sync Options” part way down options to adjust the message sync period as in this Gmail IMAP account example below.

If you want longer than the dropdown presets, then just select “All time”.

Thank you for your help, but as I wrote, I saw you can have 1 year or “all time”, my question was about having “last 2 years” or “last 3 years” specifically.

As 1 year is too short, but all time will get me about 10 years of mail.

As 1 year is too short, but all time will get me about 10 years of mail.

If you are only wanting to acess up to 3 years of cloud mail and “never want mail older than that” , then you could look at doing “automatic archiving” which moves email older than x amount of days to a local folder in eM Client. So that way you never have more than 3 years of mail on your cloud mail server.

Some users do that to save cloud mail space.

Here is the eM Client blog on archiving and the various methods you can do.

Note: If you do use automatic archiving, "make sure you backup eM CIient regularly either manually via “Menu / Backup” or automatically via the Settings / General / Backup option, as those automatic archived messages “are no longer on the server” and “only in Local folders of eM CIient”.

Apart from that, the next version of eM Client 10 due out this year sometime, may have longer set sync period options. Have to wait and see when released.

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