Retrieve folders/files from external drive

How do I retrieve lost e-mail folders/files from an external drive into Em-Client Inbox/outbox ?

It depends.

Did you export the messages, or did you backup eM Client to the disk?

If you exported, open Windows Explorer and go to the folder where the exported message are. Drag them back into eM Client. If it is a whole folder tree, use Menu > File > Import > Email. There is an option to include subfolders, so that will recreate the folder tree in eM Client with all the imported messages.

If you have a backup, you can just restore it. That will completely overwrite the existing database though. If you just want some messages from the backup:

  1. Disconnect the computer from the Internet. This is important!

  2. Go to Menu > Settings > General > Backup. Disable Periodic Backup if it is selected and click on OK.

  3. Make a backup using Menu > Backup, so we can come back to the current database later.

  4. Restore the old backup that has the data you want to retrieve.

  5. Export that data you need.

  6. Restore the backup made in step 3.

  7. Reconnect to the Internet.

  8. Import the data from step 5.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for your response for info .on eM-Client (Retrieve folders/files from external drive).

Based on the two posed questions at the top of the letter - I did back up eM-Client to the external disk - I created the file folders (peoples names) manually under “File Explorer” .
As time passed I then “Saved As” the individual e-mail files to the appropriate folders on the external hard disk, thus a an independent backup to the eM-Client list in “Inbox” and “Outbox”.

Should I recreate the “Inbox” and “Outbox” folders (obviously within eM-Client Inbox and outbox) then transfer content (e-mails) from the hard disk to eM-Client ? If so how ?

Thanks in anticipation.

Mike H

Hello Mike

If you saved the messages using Save As, you can just drag them from Explorer back into your preferred folder in eM Client. Maybe create a new folder in eM Client and then drag and drop them from Explorer to the new folder. Once you are happy they were correctly brought back into eM Client, you can move them to the Inbox or Sent folder.