Retrieve Contacts from a System Image

Recently I had to reset my desktop after a Windows crash. I had not backed up eMC and lost everything which was not a big problem except for the contacts file. I do have a system image backup from which I should be able to extract the contacts file. I found eMC in the x86 Program Files folder but on displaying the file it is primarily a large number of .dll files and nothing recognizable. How do I go about finding the contacts data?

All eM Client data including contacts is in your user profile hidden folder. eg: For Windows. C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

So to restore eM Client on your re-imaged computer, you would then install eM Client and when you first run the program cancel the email wizard setup and then close the program.

Then go to the eM Client “hidden” profile “roaming folder” and delete all the contents in there. Next replace it with your current contents above from your image eM Client hidden roaming folder. Lastly re-open eM Client & should work fine.

Cyberzork, some more detail:
I’m not sure that I understand. The image file is from last August and was not used to restore my PC. In January I rebuilt it from scratch and recently installed a new copy of eMC, which is a new release, and have been using it now for several weeks. Do these facts make a difference?

Oh ok if the computer image file didn’t include any eM Client user profile roaming folder data which you need, then nothing you can do. This is the only way to retrieve eM Client data manually when you don’t have an eM Client file.

If it’s an IMAP , Exchange or iCloud account , then your contacts will normally automatically come back in eM Client when you add the cloud account.

So all depends on when you prev added contacts in eM Client if you add them to your cloud account or add them local contacts in eM Client. I allways add them to contacts “under my cloud account”. If you don’t normally add contacts to your cloud account suggest you do in future for this reason.

The only other way you can get contacts to come back into eM Client is the hard way, by after adding your account “go to your sent box” and “right click on the peeps names” you sent the email to (at the top of every email) and click “add to contact” which when you do that will create a contact with that name and email address automatically which you can then manually modify when it creates the contact, so you can at least get a list of contacts from your sent box that way. It’s a last resort way.

Once you then have contacts back in eM Client, then Backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” manually regularly, or setup Automatic periodic backup via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”

Thanks, Cyberzork, I appreciate the time you gave me.

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