Rethink your licensing

My problem is your license model.
It sucks in two ways.

  1. I can only run emClient on one machine. Who on earth has only one computer? Even my dear old father has a PC and a laptop!
    I compromise by using a free version with some of my accounts removed, fine.
  2. It’s not clear enough that you’re buying a license only for the current full branch. I certainly didn’t get it and was pretty annoyed when I just tried to upgrade to 7. Sure, there’s the upgrade offer, but I thought lifetime MEANT lifetime. Would have been better if I’d been aware from the start. Right now the new features are not all that impactful for me, I’ll hold off and will keep my eye on other options as well.

That last sentence is also because I feel emClient is adding features I don’t need as much. The old UI was fine; I don’t need translation; I don’t use quick text and would rather be interested in great templating functionality. Meanwhile it’s still not possible to assign a follder to act as archive (unless the host has officially designated one). Is it so hard to add an option to select a default archive folder and a short key? It’s just like Move to Folder with a fixed target! I need to keep my email and can’t just delete them, yet most of them I don’t need to read, so this lack is hugely annoying.

Thank you for listening.

I, too, though that lifetime license means that you get all future releases for free, I may be wrong but there is a free license, a pro license and an option for  lifetime license, right?

The latter one should offer free upgrades on any future update. At least this is what I understood while ordering:

Regarding the archiving feature, I fully agree on this!

And the second wish, a move to folder with fixed target in the context menu as well as a LRU (last recently used) function would be fine, too.

I’ve suggested this as well a few month before but guess what: “…we will consider this for a future release…” or any similar answer I can’t remember right now. Let me translate this answer into my own words: “…you won’t see this enhancement anytime soon if at all…” ^^

Hello Jon,
sorry to hear that the new features introduced in eM Client 7 are not that exciting for you, but many other users have been requesting them for a long time. Maybe future updates will contain more useful features for you especially.

As for new features being implemented, consideration and programming these features can take time. Certain features might have higher priority than others. We’re sorry for any inconvenience, but it is not possible to implement all desired features at once.

As for the licensing.
The version you are buying is written above the counter when you are buying it.
The Lifetime upgrades option can be checked right under it and offers explanation, as Mike above shows. (implicating that without it, you are just buying the current version)
So yes, when you buy a PRO license with LIFETIME UPGRADES, you get all the future versions for free.
When you just buy PRO license, there will be small upgrade fees when new version comes out.
I only found a FREE license under your name on our server, so I am unsure where you encountered the issue of having Lifetime license and not being able to use version 7?