Restrict Addressee Auto-fill to Address Book?

(V 5.0.16979.0 and earlier): If I’m composing an email message, and I mouse-click on the “To” field, my Address Book appears. (In Contacts, I only have Local Folders -> Address Book checked.) I can then double-click on one or more of the Address Book entries as the email recipient.

However, instead of opening the Address Book when composing email, if I start typing a letter in the To field, the suggested auto-fill entries include matches from my entire Contact list.

Is there a way to limit the suggested recipients – when I’m just typing a letter or two – to only those possible matches in my Address Book?



No it is not possible - I am sorry.

OK, thanks. Please consider this for a future option.

I really like eM Client – I’ve been experimenting with it for a few days now. I especially like the synchronization with Google Mail and Google Calendar; although my primary email is a POP3 account, I also use Gmail and its calendar. I’m switching my email from Thunderbird, by the way, which has become increasingly slow, and of course doesn’t integrate with Google’s calendar. Also, your searches are much faster.