Restoring eM Client emails and folders after disk crash

I am sure that this has been asked previously but I could not find the answer based on forum and internet searches.

I recently suffered a system failure on a Windows PC and have my old hard drive. I have reinstalled EM Client on a new machine but wanted to know which Folders and/or Files I need to copy across from Users/AppData/Roaming/eMClient (from the old drive) in order that I restore my emails, folders and enables correct operation? Is it all or them or a selection?

Many thanks

The whole folder and all its contents, and eM Client needs to be closed for you to do that.


Installed eM Client and copied all files over. I have my Inbox emails but local folders are missing?


MISSING FOLDERS SOLVED - I found an old post from Dave_Frost (Feb’19) and followed these instructions and the folders reappeared!

  1. Got to Menu, Tools, Settings, under General look for Storage. Note the location of our data files.
  2. Close EM
  3. Go to the folder location in #1
  4. Rename your EM Client (e.x: “EM Client old”)
  5. Open EM. Do not add an email just cancel.
  6. Close EM
  7. Go to folder location in #1 above
  8. In a separate window, open the file location of your saved Local Folders
  9. Copy the saved files to your new “EM Client” “Local Folders” folder
  10. Start EM and add your email address(es)