Restoring back-ups after reinstallation Windows 10 failed

Best helpers,

Yesterday, I gave my computer a fresh reinstall of Windows 10.

Windows was already on my computer.

Before I made a back-up through the prescribed route: file > backup.

When the reinstallation was finished I downloaded EM Client again and then updated to the latest version.

Then I wanted to restore the backups EM Client.

To my surprise, it failed.

Via File > Import I get a screen, in which I can make a choice of what location I want to import.

I chose ’ import from the folder .eml files ’ , selected the location of the folder that contains the files, including embedding subfolders and selected the folder where the messages had to be directed to in the mailboxes. It was unable to restore. Also after I had unpacked the files nicely, it failed.

Reading all kinds of messages on the internet it seems, that it is not (more?) possible what I want, because they are. dat files. Is this (horrible) correct?

If so, then 5 years of emails, received and sent and about 100 contactpersons information is lost!

While I just followed the prescribed way of back-upping and erstoring from EM-Client.

Then EM-Client caused damage to my interests.

Maybe I do not understand something, if so, I would like to hear that.

I have read a lot (also on this webpage), and tried several things, including downloading outdated versions of EM-Client in order to be able to import the files, and then export it as .eml file, but nothing worked. I am desperate now.

So you want to use Menu > File > Restore
(NOT import)

Sorry, I had to run out and did not finish my reply.
You don’t need to unpack the backup file - just do restore and point to your zip file. That will restore everything, emails, calendar, contacts, rules etc.
Hope you are sucessful.

This looks very simple and makes me very happy in advance…!
I did not notice the function ‘Restore’ (Dutch: Herstellen).
 In my topicmessage i consequent meant import ,  where i wrote restore , sorry.

But i do not understand it yet.
When i  do this, it restores the files, which i think are in the location of the database directory?= C:\Users%User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client? There are already the new files in.
Nothing seems to happen further. No old e-mails do appear.

Maybe i have to do the back-upfiles with the old e-mails in the database directory? And then try again?

Do i have to put all the old files to C:\Users%User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client, so they are together with the new files??? And then restore?

Just do the restore from your backup zip file. It will automatically replace the  \Roaming\eM Client directory.
It is possible to do it manually, but the restore works just fine.

EDIT. I do not understand. If I click Menu>Restore > File, I get a screen with ’ Restore confirmation ', with text : "Do you really want to restore your data? This can cause loss of your settings and data that have been added since the last backup was created ".

I click on ’ Yes ’ and there is a 5 second lasting small screen where can be seen that files are downloaded (back set tool), Em Client just goes out and on again. And nothing happened. 
The  \Roaming\eM Client directory is not replaced. And the files with the old emails are still on my external hard disk. _**Pointing out to my zip file is not possible! 

EDIT: it happened. But is was more complicated than you wrote. But thanks very much, i am very glad!**_