Restored emails don't include the latest

It was necessary to restore my PC to an earlier date from an image file of the whole disk. Knowing I was going to lose my latest emails I ran the Backup onto another drive. Restoring from the backup only shows dates the same as the date from the restored image file. But the Backup was not on a drive not affected by the image restore.
Any ideas please?
Thank you

I guess you restored a previous image of eMC when you restored your PC so I don’t see how eMC would recognise the eMC backup taken before you did the PC restore. You’ve confused it.

Better I think to have exported the email to a file and import them back after the PC restore…

Thank you.
Surely eMC should restore the emails regardless of their date?
Can you tell me where the emails are actually stored please?
I can’t find them in Program Files (x86)/emClient.l

I believe eMC uses a propriety SQLite database engine. I assume the emails are stored there. C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

If you restore your PC then I guess you will restore a previous image of eMC data too. If you try to restore a backup from the one you created from a later incarnation of eMC I suspect you’ll run into these problems because the restored version has no knowledge of the one you created prior to doing your PC restore. That’s my guess anyway.

Might be worthwhile punting the question towards the development team though! It’s an interesting conundrum!

Support & bugs - [email protected]

Thanks for that. If what you say is correct about the date conflict this is the first time I have encouhtered this ‘bug’.