Restored data keeps being deleted by Gmail

For some reason I can’t see quite a few emails in various folders in eM client, so I restored from a backup file and they appeared in the folders they were originally in. Great, until some sort of auto-synch started between eM client and Gmail and it over-wrote the emails I had restored with the latest in my Gmail. I’ve tried disabling IMAP in both eM client and Gmail but to no avail.
I turned off my WiFi and restored again. Once agin the missing emails were there in eM client but as soon as I enabled the WiFi, the same thing happened.
Can anyone help?
P.S. Gmail and eM client don’t seem to synch as such, but Gmail seems to over-write my eM client emails. I thought synching would copy anything I had in eM client to my Gmail and vice-versa there for both are the same but Gmail seems to dominate.

Sounds like your original emclient  was not really in sync with gmail. Or Gmail settings are not on correctly

Try this

Disconnect from the internet so emclient cannot connect to gmail

Restore from your backup
Then archive everything in emclient to either a local folder or Archive folder Archive may be better.
Menu  tools  settings mail  archive
Or turn on Local folders and move everything to there.
Menu  Tools Settings General  show Local folders
Stop Emclient

Turn on Internet

go to gmail  account
Check Gmail account to make sure in Settings  Labels   Make sure all of your imap folders are checked to SHOW In Imap that you want

Then try loading emclient one more time
Hope this helps


Check the gmail settings before you go thru all of the above.  It may be just the gmail parameters. Also make sure “ALL MAIL” is also checked