Restore Recipient History ONLY from computer backup

Had a problem with an IMAP connected client being really slow, probably a corruption somewhere… We ended up upgrading the EMClient software to the current version and it appears to have completely wiped out everything that was there with ZERO warning.  It’s working fine now, but the user would like the auto-complete “To” email entries back (Recipient History I believe it’s called).  We can restore a backup but I have no idea what file stores this information.  How can I get it.  In older versions of Outlook this would have been the NK2 file.

This application is not Outlook, so it does not store data in the same way. eM Client stores the recipient history within the database, so there is no individual file you can access to recover it. However, restoring the backup will restore the history.

And the corruption that was causing it to be incredible slow.  Thanks.  Guess I should work on switching back to Outlook.

If the database is corrupted, there should be an automatic check when the application starts. Otherwise you can run the check manually. Close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\ DbRepair.exe. If there still is corruption, like in the IMAP cache, you can remove the account from eM Client, and then add it again. This will not delete the recipient history.

Upgrading from one version to another does not delete the data. If upgrading from a version prior to 7.1, then you will be prompted to import the previous database. If you chose not to, then your data will not be there. Upgrading from a 7.1 version will open your database as normal.

I think many users coming from Outlook expect eM Client to be a clone of Redmond’s offering. But it isn’t. If Outlook is more familiar and works better for you, you are welcome to switch back. :slight_smile: