Restore problem

Setup.  Windows 7, running Office 2003 including Outlook.
Last fall I was using outlook 2003 and switched to emClient.  Deleted outlook.
After a year I reinstalled Outlook, configured it, and email began to flow to outlook not emclient.
To stop emclient from accessing my mail server I disabled the password.
Went to emclient and all my emails for the past year had disappeared.
Ran emclient restore and all the emails appeared for about 2 seconds and then disappeared again.  When the inbox is selected most of the menu items are grayed out.  But not so the other folders like sent.

How can I get the emails to reappear?

I would like to export them using Aid4Mail from Fooks Software back to Outlook 2003.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Felix,
first of all, what mail services do you use and how are your accounts set up? IMAP, POP, Exchange?
Im also rather confused if you gave eM Client the correct password again? It can probably sync with the messages that have been stored locally but can’t connect to the server to get the other messages.
For next time, instead of changin passwords, you can just disable the accounts for a time in Tools > Settings.

Best regards,