restore function only partially works

I was using eM client for my regular pop email and my gmail account. I wouldnt use the gmail one often, just download messages occasionally, but I had a lot of historical messages there I was saving. A few gigs worth.

I reformatted my computer the other day and used the eM client backup function prior to that. Afterward I re-installed eM I did the restore feature. Problem is it seems to have only restored the few hundred messages on my regular pop email account. The thousands of old gmail messages are nowhere to be found. When I check the backup file it registers in size as 3 gigs so I know those messages must be there. eM client sees gmail as one of my accounts under Tools but only calendar, contacts, and chat, no mail account, and my inbox list on the side doesnt even list any mail or indicate the gmail account at all.

Any idea how to retrieve those messages from my backup? Thanks.

Hi, have you tried to restore more times? Or synchronizing those messages from your email server?


I wanted to try and restore them again, but now I have the problem of having used the mail client for sometime since my last restore and it gives me a warning that those new messages would be deleted. So I am unsure how to proceed.

As for the sync, there is nothing to really sync. I downloaded my gmail to my client then deleted them on the mail server.

Well if you have no emails on the server. then of course eM Client can’t synchronize them.

Anyway you can install this version… your issue is resolved in it and you should be able to get your emails back.