Restore from Old computer to new

Hi, I restored from my last backup with no problem from my old PC to a new one. However, in setting up new PC, I used a different User Name. Now I am unable to locate the Themes folder. There is no
C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Themes
So where are the built-in themes currently located? I want to make some changes to them with the theme editor but it too does not point to the themes folder. Actually, it points to the Sound Folder but no themes are in there…

Thanks for any help

Thank you! I am aware that they are in the program as your screen shows but I am unable to locate their actual location on my system. I am looking for the physical location of these themes.

Thanks again.

Have you tried this? Go to the settings theme list, select the theme you want to do something to, go to to the end of the list of themes and choose “ADVANCED” and click on “SAVE CURRENT THEME AS”.

One thing that is not clear is are they referring to “current theme” as the one you are using or the one you ‘selected’ from the list…

Yes,I have. Please see screenshot. When I restored from my backup, the theme I on was Viola. As you see in the screenshot that is how it was restored. However, when I click on Advanced, then save current theme as…the “default” folder is Sound! [there are no themes within that folder.]

Try searching your harddisk for *.emtheme and that should find any custom themes you created.

Custom themes are stored in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Themes but they are not included in the backup.

That means if you restore the backup, the custom themes will no longer be there as the whole database will be replaced by what is in the backup zip file.

Thank you all for your help!