Restore Deleted Messages

If I try to restore an accidentally deleted message from the trash folder, it disappears. I right click on the message, select “move to folder”, select “inbox”, and it’s gone. Can this be fixed or is there another way to do this that will actually work? Also, is there any way to retrieve the messages that have already disappeared?

If you are using GMail, it might be in your All Mail folder.

I am using Gmail, but I already looked in the All Mail folder… not there either.

Sorry that they weren’t there Nicole. Hopefully someone with experience of GMail IMAP will comment on this and help you further.

There has been problems with restoring deleted emails in gmail, but I think they have been fixed in the recent versions.  I just tested and it worked fine.  The current version is 7.1.32561.0.  You can get it here:

Install latest version and see if the problem persists.

Just updated and it still doesn’t work :frowning: Thanks for the link though.