Restore Back-up on one account

Hello: I have 6 accounts on eM and need to restore a back up for one email account. Is the process, click on the email account, menu, file, restore. If so when I do it a warning Do you really want to restore doing so will cause loss of settings and data etc. I only want to restore one email account and want to know if proceeding will effect the other five. Thank you

viernes 13 agosto 2021 :: 1506hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @DarrylD

I suppose you are using POP as with IMAP your account will be in sync with the mail server

In a word YES it will affect all accounts at restore.

Presumably you have eMC set to make backups at:
Menu ->Settings ->General ->Backup
Here you will see the location of your backup files, the date of the most recent backup, the frequency and number of backups stored. (you should set to Frequency 1day & Preserve last 5) Then at worst you will only lose a maximum of 1day.
It is one of these files that will be used to restore all your accounts, you cannot simply pick one account.
At backup all accounts, emails data etc will be included.
Whatever your most recent dated backup is the point to which restore will take place, however, you can pick a particular backup to restore; everything in all accounts will be overwritten between now and then.

Of course, with a bit of messing around:
First create a current backup.
Run restore to to recover the particular account.
Copy the contents of the particular account you wanted to restore to a USB
Restore the just made backup and copy the contents of the USB to the particular account.
Now make a NEW backup.

Good Luck

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


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Very helpful and crystal clear on steps and options. Thank you