Restor do not work


How can I restore folders and messages from backup? I had to reinstall my windows, So I made a backup…but after reinstall windows I can not restore my old setting and history?

Hello Alexander, if you have an existing eM Client backup, make sure the backup is included in your backup folder, the location of this folder can be setup in Tools > Settings > General > Backup, once you move the backup into this folder, your backup should be available in the Restore list.

In order to restore, navigate to File > Restore and select the backup file from the list.


Yes, I try this way…but after restoring client is not restored setting and history…client want to me creating new account (pic 3.pgn)…when I manually copied folders.dat and mail_data.dat, folders are restored but without history?

Moving separate database files is not recommended, you could cause database corruption by moving data like this, please make sure to restore from the database backup by using the “Restore” option.


I wrote: I tried restored via menu “Restore”…but after restored is em client empty as after installation and required create new account

You can try to restore manually be replacing the whole database in your local user/AppData/Roaming folder by the database contained in the archived database you have in your backup folder. However please make sure to replace the whole database. I’m not really sure what you’re referring to as “History”.


So where is problem? I need restore folders and rules for folders…Do you have manual step by step backup/restore? Manual restoring do not working correctly

Sorry can, you please be more specific, are you unable to restore by replacing the database from your backup in the AppData/Roaming folder? I’m afraid that if you’re unable to restore manually - your backup is corrupt and it is no longer possible to restore using this backup file.

You can submit the database backup to my work mail, for more information about this occurrence, however I’m afraid there won’t be any other option on restoring these items.


can I send backup zip  without mail_data.dat?..this file have 800MB

Yes you can submit the archive without the mail_data and mail_fti.dat files. You can share the database on a common flittering service for example Google Drive or Dropbox and submit the link for download to my email as well.


I sent you link via dropbox

Hello Alexandr, unfortunately it seems like the mail_fti files are empty as they show no content on the screen as well as in the decompressed folder, this might unfortunately be the reason why no history is shown, I’ve tried to run some database repair tools on your database as well, but unfortunately I’m afraid it’s not possible to restore your data out of this backup.

The only thing we’ve considered might have been an issue on running the backup on FAT32 formatted disk as these disks include a 4GB/file limit on your file system - this may be causing issues with some large backups but your files don’t seem to be that large.


ok…and which file is for rules?

Not quite sure what you mean, eM Client stores it’s data in multiple database files, Rules can be exported into a XML file from the database, but unfortunately it’s not possible to extract the Rules from the database without using the Export feature.


setting of folders is in “folders.dat”…this item I was manually restore done…and I also need restore rules (which email will be forwarded to which folder)…question is, which file .dat contains rules?

This isn’t possible, since the database structure is not uniform, that each file would represent a single item group, it’s not possible to restore items like this. I’m sorry I can’t be any more helpful in restoring your data.