Restart for download

Hi Can’t anyone help please, em Clint has stopped downloaxing messages after first initial download, I have to restart It , is there as seting to stop this so I can leave it running, it was fine for first couple of days

I assume you are using IMAP.

You can right-click on the Inbox (or other folder that has stopped downloading) and choose Properties > Repair. This will clear the folder and begin the download again.

If that still does not download all the messages, I would suggest removing the account, and adding it again. This won’t work with POP3, and POP3 messages will be permanently deleted.


still struggling with this any help appreciated. Thanks 

there is currently no known issue with Gmail that would behave like this.
Please try this version of eM Client. Just install the file and run the update.
If the issue persists, try removing and readding the Gmail account in Menu>Tools>Accounts section.