Resizing preview pane

I just upgraded to ver 3.0. I am very impressed but am troubled by a little nuance.
When I resize the preview pane it won’t stay put. I’ll try to explain:
When 3.0 opens, the Inbox takes half the screen, and the preview takes the bottom half. I try to increase the size of the bottom half, but any changes I make are negated when I either minimize the client or stop it.
Is there a way to make the resized preview pane remember it’s last position.

By the way, this eMail client is far superior to anything else out there. Keep up the good work.

thanks for your note. The behavior should be corrected. I added it to our feature list, it will be probably implemented to one of the future updates.

Thank you so much!

I know I shouldn’t let this problem annoy me but it’s beginning to. Please don’t look on this re sizing issue as a “feature” to be implemented in the future. It is a flaw with ver 3.0 that wasn’t there before.
The size of the windows won’t stay put!