Resizable dialogues

The various dialogues would be so much easier to see if I could resize them to fit the content instead of scrolling. Is this an editable option in the theme file, or is it planned for future releases?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to resize dialogues in eM Client at this moment but we consider it as an enhancement request to the future releases. 

Two years have gone by, a new major version is in beta and we still got the problem - poor, very poor.

I especially love Settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Email > Reply and Forward (that’s five, one more since v7). There you have to scroll down and then - on top - scroll again in those tiny boxes.

Forget about this and others wishes and requests, too. Simple wishes are wiped off so are all others. EM is just doing their own thing w/o listening to its paying customers and users.

Btw, I guess I can judge if sthg. is simple to implement or needs a fair amount of time since I’m a programmer myself for about 20 years.

Feels like they still do message queue, case WM_PAINT, lParam and wParam :slight_smile: