resend email feature needed


it still does not seem to work as many customers would want it to - “Resend as Original” does not copy the addresses.
I have various mails which I send out every week to a certain number of recipients, always with the same text and a different PDF attachment.
In Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail and probably many other mail clients I can use “Send Again” and just have to replace the attachment.
In emClient I have to copy the recipients, too (of which some are CC:).

So, IMHO the desired functionality is not there yet!


I agree. I understand that this functionality is not entirely absent. I use the [right-click/copy all addresses] function, along with “send as original” very often. But “send again” is obviously very, very preferable. Since it’s something so many people need to use so often, simpler is clearly better.

Hi, I am sorry but we really do not plan to alter this behaviour or function in any way in foreseeable future.


If you do not have attachments in an e-mail, then [reply all] will almost do what you want: it preserves all e-mail addresses and the text of the e-mail.

You just need to remove the upper lines in the e-mail which say something about ‘original message’.

“If you do not have attachments”
“will almost do what you want”
"You just need to remove the upper lines in the e-mail which say something about ‘original message’. "

Seems like a lot of work to just resend an email.

Of course an [edit and resend e-mail] button will be faster…I’m just suggesting a workaround in the hope it will help you…

If you want to edit an e-mail before you ‘resend’ it, you will have to spend time editing the e-mail anyhow…so then you can also spend a little bit of time removing the first few lines :slight_smile:

I really think that this feature is essential for the client. How difficult can it be to implement?

“reply all” doesn’t retain the original sent from address

Not having a proper “resend/re-edit mail” function (like most other programs) is a real problem for me and lots of other users - why you don’t just add it as a matter of priority baffles me - especially as there are so many other less important functions available

Hi, what do you mean by doesn’t retain the original sent from address, can you maybe make a screenshot of this issue?

Thank you,

I have an email in my sent folder sent from one of my aliases - if I right click on that and select “reply all” the new message window “from” box reverts to the default address for the account

Hi, thank you for reporting this, we believe what you’re describing is really an unwanted behavior, I’ve reported this issue to the developers and hopefully there will be a fix for this as soon as possible (probably with next major update).

Thank you for understanding, hope you can manage to use the current setting,

I too miss the “Resend” feature and use it on a regular basis.  Please consider adding this feature in an upcoming release.  The “forward as new” does not work the same.

We depend on this many times daily as well! I’m not sure why this hasn’t been addressed; I see quite a few complaints about it here and around the net. The key is one click resend messages “as is.” I did finally figure out at least a shortcut but we still have to edit the To: The shortcut, though I’m not sure it’s saving time over the two clicks in the toolbar, is alt A + F + O. Your staff hasn’t at least mentioned that, at least from an accessibility standpoint.

A few closing points. I’ve found that a right click on a sent message offers the same “forward” options, and when you have auto-fill addresses in settings getting the name back in is pretty fast. I would still be great if the “original” To: addresses were just in there. I can’t think of a scenario where that’s not a better default, since sending a message to a random email is best handled using templates.

An added note, since this feature comes in handy using templates and “forward as original” is the > Insert > variable content, on the right click like current date, address and other contact fields in messages.

Obviously we are new to eM, but our initial analysis and tests reveal that the coding and headers are set to near perfection for deliverability and RFC compliance. Sure, content and spf, dkim, dmarc records etc. are key, but we tried several clients that were not close in regards to base spam scoring and html code testing.

Surprisingly, the popular Thunderbird is a hot mess, maybe being open source. We did most of our testing with this client so we can say this without equivocation. Also lot’s of rumors that it was going to die, that have been refuted since, but it appears there was merit as most of the work now is being done by independent devs.

Even Oulook for some odd reason is still playing catch up on proper html, maybe stemming from their long-standing rendering problems. Mailbird, a VERY difficult install app, attempts to phone home a lot.

I’m not comfortable with that. We had similar problems with Foxmail setup. And if it’s still phoning home that’s NOT good for anyone in the West. Their sorted history goes back to the early 2000’s when they were caught red handed attempting various tcp connections to hard to identify IPs and networks, all the way up to v5.0, though it’s settled down since. Still, it’s hard to believe, especially now, that this risk has just gone away. We’re just not going to risk it considering the hundreds of billions in known state-sponsored theft, espionage and various other attacks from well-known groups and corroborators. Most Americans are blind to this cyber-war being waged for many years now and my company is certainly not going to aid and sponsor.

Hello eM Client team,

I just installed the app today and I like most of what I see very well; however, I’ve already come upon a need for a RESEND message capability.  The resend as original still leaves me having to go find all the addresses and if I use a forward I have to change the subject line.  I’m not sure what the date stamp does either.

That would surely be a high priority of mine for future development.  I surely don’t think IMPLEMENTED is a correct resolution tag for this issue.

Thanks for a good looking ap, and I hope to see RESEND sometime in the future.

Regards, Patrick

Users of this application and this forum have become used to a certain arbitrariness on the part of the technical team. When they tire of requests they say “implemented” and what it means is “close enough, we’re just not going to take the time to deal with it anymore”.

I’ve personally stopped hoping that this application will be better, just different. And if better happens, I’ll be delighted.