resend email feature needed

resend email feature needed - outlook has this awesome feature “resend email” which pretty much drafts the exact email you sent before, which is great because if you want to make any changes you can.

This is really essential for business use. Quite often I have to send the same mail with just a few minor changes. Having to cut and paste from sent mail is a terrible waste of time and effort. I hope this will appear in the next version.


we already have this feature, but it is called “Forward as original”. You can find under that little gray arrow near “Forward” button.


Yeah, but it has serious problems, at least in my trials. For example: I send out a mail formatted in HTML. Click resend as original and it comes up in a window as text-formatted, with no formatting bar until a deep menu option is chosen. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if I could set universal defaults for that action (can I?) but it seems to me it would make more sense if the “resend” simply resent, as was, no changes, no need to adjust formatting. Thank you!

you can set this in Tools - settings - Mail - Compose :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but no, actually what I describe is not affected by those settings. It appears to be a bug, and I can repeat it any number of times.

so can you tell me exact steps how to achieve this issue and version of eM Client what do you use.


Wow…I just tried to reproduce the bug and could not! The other day it happened consistently. This is a mystery, but I will not trouble you further with it unless it occurs again. Something had to have been different in the environment the other day, but I cannot think of any possibilities. I will let you know if I’ve figured it out.

Either that or you are the most powerful support technician in the universe and have effectively employed the black arts. In that case I hope you will conjure a useful junk mail mechanism soon.

Thank you again for your help!


The forward as original is stupid because I still have to copy all of the email addresses, whether they are TO:, CC, or BCC…

Its quiet annoying, they could easily add another thing under forward as RESEND EMAIL. would save a lot of headache

I have connected to you trough Matrix and nuked three agents in your computer :wink:

No, on serious note sometimes issues are solved by themselves, you might have done something in your computer what has affected them or something on network can affect them too.

anyway if your isse will come again just tell me how you have achieved it so I can try to reproduce and that usually tells me more that description from user (basically I see it on my own eyes).

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I am sorry, but we do not plan to change this behaviour in close future. Of course users can +1 this idea and we will consider it later, but I will not promise it.


This is basically useless; NEEDS to be “Resend Original Email” or else it’s useless for me in the business world. How hard can it be to implement?

but it is already implemented “forward as original” does exactly same job as standalone button…


Having to fetch and replace email addresses is time-consuming. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but I suppose people are pushing on it mainly because it seems like it should be very easy to implement.

If emclient will only use “forward as original”, then please include it as a button on the toolbar. I use this functionality multiple times per day. Thank you.

Hi, this is not planned. It already easily accessible under “forward”'s gray arrow.


More clicks = not easily accessible. LESS clicks = easily accessible

I understand you, but there is almost no time difference between standalone button or one more click on another button on toolbar.


The difference is that your email client requires an extra click in order to achieve a basic feature. Extra clicks are not good.

I see, but still it is easily accessible and we have to focus on features and issues which requires our attention and is not working like we want yet.