Required More information about EM client

Hi Communities,

Have a plan to migrate from windows live mail to em client, any one already done this migration. How is the end user experience?

 In India any one uses the licence version and how em client support team support.

  1. How the emclient works with exchange 2016/Exchange 2013 (POP3)
  2. How the emclient supports 0365.

eM Client supports importing from Windows Live Mail. The best option for you is to install eM Client and try the import. You should have an option when you initially open eM Client to import from your existing email client, or if not, it is available at any time from Menu > File > Import > Windows Live Mail.

The Pro Licence version is supported internationally, independent of your country of origin. Their replies are usually quite quick, and there is also this forum where you may find solutions to any problems or questions.

eM Client supports MS Exchange accounts. Please see

Thanks for your information.

Any one uses em clients in india