Request to move or have an option in setting to set the Blue "Mail Deleted Undo" banner position to where you actually deleted the email

I would suggest to “move” or “have an option in settings” to set the current Blue “Mail Deleted Undo” banner, from the bottom of the Subjects to where the actual “Deleted Subject” position was.

Its currently annoying when you eg: Click on a Subject (say near the top), and you then click “Delete” on a message. You then have to quickly go “right down the very bottom” to click the blue undo popup where you then only have a couple of seconds to do that, and alot of the time i find i miss it due to its at the very bottom of the subjects.

So would be good to possibly “move or have an option in settings” to set the blue mail deleted undo banner to the position “where the actual deleted email was”. You can then easily / quickly undo the deletion as its right there at location. See third screenshot below for suggestion.

Yes it would take a bit of programming / dev time to do, but it would be good to have this option.

(You currently delete and email from the Subject at the top)

(The Mail Deleted Undo Blue popup banner currently appears at the very bottom)

(Suggest to move or have an option in settings to display the Blue popup banner at the deleted position)