Request More Features


I am requesting some features that I had wished would be in current version of software.

1)  Make it so you can move flagged items to different folders. I don’t want all flagged items show and to only show if different folders when I click/enter the folder of the flagged mail.

2)  Need more themes made by you! Many people (me) don’t trust themes for emclient from other sites.

3)  What a person chooses a category for message I wish it would highlight the message and not just put color box beside the message. For example: I choose red as important so that would highlight message red but then other categories for same message could then show colored boxes for other categories.

4)  I really would like to have better junk mail control for messages I want deleted before they even get into the list of messages. Right now I am stuck using another piece of software called Mailwasher to Scrub messages before they even get download.

Last I like EMClient lots and thank the devs who made it.
Thanks for your time.

You can move the flagged messages yourself, or a better solution may be to just click on the Flagged Smart folder if you want to view only the flagged messages.
You can also create your own Search Folders so that you have one to display only un-flagged messages.

Version 8 beta, available to download from the Release History has 16 themes.

You can already select this in your settings:

You can have the message list use the category color for its text (1) and the other categories (now called tags) will also be displayed (2).


eM Client does not really have a junk mail detection feature. Normally the server moves spam to the Junk folder when it arrives, and eM Client simply syncs that folder. A provider like Google uses artificial neural networks to detect spam, so better to leave that to them. They also allow you to hide the Junk folder so that it does not sync with eM Client. Maybe your provider offers something similar and that would be the solution.