Request for old feature back contacts sync

I paid for emClient several years ago. I upgraded once, thinking I would have a tool that would last. I wanted an email client that could do IMAP with Google Mail, to be able to download and archive my messages locally and to sync my contacts and calendar. eM Client did that then and now it doesn’t. I understood I was paying for life-time support. Now, I need to pay again to upgrade again to get contacts to sync with my Google Account so my phone and email client are in sync. To me this is “bait and switch” and will shortly be the end of my use of emClient. I’m on Version 8.2.1873 with: no more support and no more syncing. I’d love to hear from the developers if they have really thought about what they are doing. So, please, let us have a new feature that was there before.

I haven’t seen V 8.2.1873 as in your post above ?, but sounds like the issue you are having is possibly to with Google changing to the new “People API”. See the following thread.

Gmail Contacts error - Mail - eM Client

Ps I’m currently using V 8.2.1509 for Windows which works fine with the new Google Contacts People. API using IMAP. You can get the latest release versions via the history page.