Request: editable timeouts

once again this is coming up. please make timeouts editable. i can do it in other clients so why not this one?

What type of account are you getting timeouts with ? Eg: POP, IMAP etc

Also are you running any eg: Optional Firewall / Security programs, Optional Antivirus programs or VPNs ?, as these can sometimes cause timeouts. If you have any of these optional programs try completely disabling those to test.

Also what speed internet connection do you have ? eg: Are you using a mobile cell data connection, or fixed line dsl, cable, nbn, etc. Sometimes if your connection is too slow or not allways constant you can get mail timeouts.

You can also get timeouts if there is eg: too much delay between your computer and the remote mail server. So do a ping test via the dos prompt if your familiar with doing that to your remote incoming and outgoing mail servers and see how many ms roundtrip it takes ?

Lastly what eM Client version are you using ?. Could be you might have an outdated or older version of eM Client and need updating.

It’s SMTP and its server related issues I am trying to work around. Webmail on the server takes up to 45 seconds to go through. I can’t fix the server issue as it’s not mine. I can use Thunderbird and edit the settings and emails send eventually. This is a somewhat recent mail server issue but eM Client does not allow me to work around it like other clients do.

ETA: I enjoy eM Client but its not usable right now with my server. And it is the latest version

It’s SMTP and its server related issues I am trying to work around

I see. Your SMTP mail server tech support then need to get that fixed asap.

In the meantime, I can only suggest you “use an Alternate SMTP server” untill yours is working properly. There is many available out there.

Same response as all the other requests for this feature. We can get avatars based on sender domains but we can’t get something actually useful. Disappointing as I really like this software