REQUEST: automaticaly add a category to emails, from the contact category

As the title say, I’d really love a new developed setting which can let you set a category on recieved and sended emails based on the category of your contact.

100 Contacts in _Friends _category.
_Fun _category created on email categories.

Wants: when i send o recieve an email from a contact with the _Friends _category, automatically set the email category as Fun

Problem “solved” creating two rules (hack):

  1. set category _Fun _when recieving an email from one of the selected contacts - select all contacts under _Friends _category - update the rule every time I add a new contact
  2. do the same for sended emails. 

Real solution:

  1. create a _Match Category (Links) _option;
  2. in this option you can pick the email categories you want to link with another tool category (in this case Contacts tool)
  3. this option will automatically works as a rule which say: "when recieving or sending an email from contacts or with cc contacts  listed on a category linked to an email category; automatically set the email the linked category;
  4. _example: _a contact listed in Business category, send an email that will be categorized under _Job _categories
    This will solve the “rule hack”, which is really uncomfortable when you have to update every day your rules or add new rules for new cateories.

I already have a design in my mind…

I hope you will read this and answer. 
I’m not a programmer but I’m sure something similar can be done and will be really useful!

Thank you,

I am sure many will read this, but I am not so sure there will be much support. This seems to be a very specialized requirement. I was trying to think of a simpler way to implement your Rule, but as Rules can only use information in the email itself, you can’t use something like a contact category.

You could use the same names you use in your Rule to create a Search Folder, but that is about all I can think of.

Thank you Gary for your answer.

I know is a very specialized requirement, but I also think could be a useful upgrade for a lot of buisiness users.

Just think to recieve something like 50/100 emails per day and you need to easily recognize what are you going to read…this can really help!

Rules works well, but not enough when you need to expand the rules to a lot of contacts.

I totally understand. Even though there is no limit to the number of contacts you can add to a Rule, adding them individually is a chore. Fortunately you can select multiple contacts from the list, but that can still take some time.

Maybe someone else will have a suggestion how to do this more effectively.