Requeriments of eM Client and problems with docktile on new version with Mac OS X 10.11

Hi: i use Mac OS X 10.11, and I’m trying em Client to stop using Thunderbird. I’ve had it installed for a long time without a problem, the new version generates an alert related to docktile constantly preventing almost using the computer.
In addition, when I open eM Client, and before I can enter my account information, it closes immediately.
I have tried to find the requirements of the program and I cannot find them Is it possible that it is no longer compatible with my system?
Inspecting the application package of version 37943, I see a “DockTile.docktileplugin” plugin, which in its info file, records the system requirement 10.15.
In version 37929 the plugin does not exist, but still the program hangs on startup.
I was only able to start correctly and start adding my iCloud account in version 35700. Is it the latest compatible or can it also give problems?
It would be interesting to really clarify the requirements, and to know if the problem is my configuration or not meeting those requirements.
Many like me, who can not update for the hardware, is a main reason to use or not the program. In fact, I’ve been trying to find a mail substitute for a few months, and the only one I get works and not too well is Thunderbird.

Jose Luis

P.S. Message translated mechanically, I don’t speak English. I apologize if I have not expressed myself correctly.