Reporing yet another nobody@invalid.invalid issue

When I invite an attendee to an event, the invitation is not sent from my main email address, but from nobody@invalid.invalid, which makes it impossible for me to know if the attendee will or will not be there. On top of confusing the attendee, who sees their email bounce back when they try to reply accept/decline…this is annoying!

I have asked the calendar & email provider (Yandex) and they said it’s an app-specific issue with EM client, as this won’t happen on Mozilla Thunderbird (I checked it and it is like that).

Since my only way to use calendar is to import it via Cal/DAV, it seems there’s no other way for EM client to link it to my email address. Which is a shame, since I am using email & calendar from the same provider.

If anyone knows how to work around this issue that would be great—it would be too bad to have to abandon EM client and switch to Thunderbird.

Thanks in advance

We are currently investigating a similar issue, and will keep you informed of any progress. :wink:

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Thanks @Gary , I talked to my email provider and they are positive this is an app-related issue with eM client :confused:

Quick update, I have found a way to make that work. I remember trying this earlier, but for some reason it only worked now…

Menu > Accounts (select the email account you want to link to calendar event invitations) > default folders > calendar (select the calendar you want to link to your email account)

That did it for me :slight_smile:

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