Reply with GoogleMail alias

Very good Email Client.
Integration in GoogleMail nearly fully integrated.
If it was possible to automatically use also the email aliases configured in GoogleMail it is the perfect solution.
Is it planed to integrate it nearly ?
Regards Timo

As I read at their page, Gmail doesn’t offer traditional aliases (all mails of type will go to so I think you need to handle/filter them by Gmail server settings/rules.

Hi thanks for the reply.
Thats not what i mean.
In GoogleMail go to Settings/Accounts/Reply as
There i can set my @gmx or emailadress
on my Androidphone the Googlemail app recognize this entries
and i am able to reply with my gmx address.
In emClient i am also able to do this but i have to
set them manually
Tools/Accounts … General tab … Aliases

Regards Timo

Hi, to answer your question, no mail client can read the alias setting (both for send/receive) off Gmail. It not within the API to retrieve settings like filter, alias or forwarding. You need to set those manually.