Reply-to function


I’m new in em client 7 and I can not find the reply-to option . So far I 've been using thunderbird and lets me define a reply-to address in the compose window for each message I send .Is there a way to configure this functionality in em client? , for me is basic and could not migrate to em client if not possible.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Pedro, I have no idea. I am just a client here, not on the emclient team, sorry!

@Ray, so why do you answer if he did not address you personally? :wink:

@Pedro, I guess you need to define one or many account aliases to get this working.

I too have got many accounts with lots of aliases. When composing a new message I can select one of those aliases that is automatically set as the reply-to address.

Test this carefully at first to not give out your real e-mail address. Just send yourself a message with one of those alias.

Btw. you have to go into the settings of your account to find the alias option.



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