Reply to all includes my own email address

Hi all,
I already searched the forum but I could not find any solution. Maybe you can help.
When I click the “Reply to all” button my own email address is always included. Can I chnage this? Or what could be the problem? Thanks in advance!

I am also experiencing this problem. I found this post from 2017 (Stop Reply All From Including Me), but it doesn’t include any useful information on how to fix it.

The problem is: someone sends an email to multiple recipients, including myself. When I “Reply All” to that email, I am included in the addresses my reply is sent to. This means that in my conversation view of the email thread, I see my message twice: once from my sent message, and once from the version of that message that I received (that I emailed to myself).

I would think that “Reply All” should not include my own email address by default or, at least, this should be an option for the user to choose the behavior. The current behavior does not seem correct.

Yes, this is the way it works.

Are you sure the message was sent to the same address you are reply-all from?

Are you using the latest version of eM Client from the Release History?

Doh, you are correct! Looking closer, the original sender had a typo in my email address. The catchall feature of my email server delivered it to me appropriately, but it doesn’t match my sending address exactly. That would be the problem.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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Hi all,

I ended up with the same issue. My problem is that I have multiple aliases connected to my account. So the account email address I have registered for the account, is not always the same as the alias that people might use when replying to me.

This seemed to get worse when replying to an email that I actually sent, as it would then add my email address again, and then again on each reply. So after a while in long email threads, my email address is listed a number of few times.

This thread here pointed me in the right direction at least, and helped me to understand why its happening ;-). I have now found the alias options and have added my alias to the account settings. Of course… I will need to test over the next few days to ensure it that actually fixes the problem, but thought I would post for reference for others to check the aliases

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