Reply to a Reply not being retained in "Sent"

I can see an e-mail in “Sent” once posted but don’t see a reply to a reply.

If you turn off conversations (Menu > View > Conversations > Disable conversations, can you see the reply?

“… can you see the reply?” Assume you mean future, not past, e-mails.

Yes, did a test & confirmed that I could see a reply to a reply in “Sent”.

What’s going on? Are you already aware of this illogical switch?

Well, it is part of a conversation, so will be grouped with the message you replied to.

Conversations are indicated by a message count (1).

You will find them stacked one above the other in the message preview (2). Maybe you were just looking in the wrong place.

I don’t use “Preview” & Conversations are Disabled as you suggested. Quite happy seeing previous messages indented beneath the current one.

As for “looking in the right place”, I expect to see sent messages in “Sent” & that wasn’t happening with replied to a replied.