Reply Colors

If i answer on a Mail in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, the font color of my answer is in a smart blueish color, but the rest of the Mail (the original Part) is in the normal black color.

If i try to mimic this behavior with eM Client’s Templates, the whole Mail get’s the blue color. Is there a way to only color my text in a answer and not the rest of the Mail?

Hi, this is not possible to achieve it now, but it will be possible in the future as this option is planned.


great to hear this. Hopefully this feature will be implemented soon.

I have changed this topic to an idea.


Many thx. I have another Feature Request. I will open a new Ticket for this.

you are welcome.

Depends how it will be done.

The thing is: Outlook does not really support colored quotes. All it does is converting everything to HTML and then giving the text a blue color. So the receiver won’t be able to customize this then, nor will he be able to reply in a propriate way.

What Thunderbird does makes more sense to me: It automatically will color the lines blue if they start with a “>” (which indicates that this is quotet text). So you can customize the behaviour, and you can even install plugins that will add different colors on different levels of text.

People who just answer on top might not care at all, but if you use mail like it was ment to be, then this is an essential feature.