Reply all sends an email to the person replying to all

When I use the ‘reply-all’ feature a new window is opened with all recipients which includes my address as well.  Why would I send myself a copy of the email when my reply is appended to the email and saved in the sent folder.  Having my address included in the reply only makes the thread longer by including my reply TWICE.  I have no wish to send an email to myself and would greatly appreciate a way to turn this off.  I have read through a couple of past problems with this and it seems to be intentional with no way to turn it off.  If that is true why is that the case?  What benefit does this offer that I am clearly not seeing?

This can happen when the address it was sent to is not the same as the address you are replying from. e.g. when you have email for forwarded to When you reply to all, it will include but not

It can also happen if the email has been moved to another account’s folder. But as long as an account or alias is setup for the original to address, it should not happen.

If you would like to forward these emails to me I can take a look. In eM Client right-click on the message and choose Forward as attachment. Send it to me Send both the original you replied to and the reply you sent.