repeated not responding during use using version 7.1.31849.0

Updated the Em Client to the newest version 7.1.31849.0 and have rebooted the system. During reading new emails, replying or composing a new email either the email window dims and the status bar says (not responding) and the cursor changs to a red circle. If in the main client the client goes grey and the same cursor change. These intruptions last about 30 seconds and then everything goes back to normal and I can go back to doing what I needed to do. The intruptions are about every 90 seconds to 2 minutes apart.

I have closed and reopened the client and the system several times to make sure everything is ok. No other programs are affected or behave any different. 

I am using the client for 2 gmail accounts via IMAP and have confirmed that the settings are correct. drafts saved @ 5 min and sync at 30 min 

All started since the update to latest version. Any help appreciated

Hi Jay,

Is your computer working properly or does it freeze as well? I would recommend just uninstalling eM Client and making a fresh install. If you make just a simple uninstall in Windows, your database will remain untouched and after you install it again, all your emails will be pulled back to eM Client.


Where did you get the update to 7.1.31849? Can you please send me a link for this?


Thank you for the reply but in my original post I said everything is working normal. 

I did some searching through the forums here and it seems that I never see any of the developers or company staff getting involved and the active people always say uninstall and reinstall with the claim that mail will not be affected. I can’t take the chance on some of this email being gone so I am not going to risk it going poof trying an uninstall reinstall that may or may not work and having heard nothing from the developer regarding and questions they may have to see if they can recreate the issue.

Not to be a downer but almost every post has a very quick reccomend reinstall posted and that is not the way to find the errors and correct them long term.


I opened the program the other day and it said it was pending I do not have a link.

Hello Jay,

as this is a community forum, we try providing an easy fix in most of the cases. In this case when the program freezes it is probably also the only solution as it seems that the update didn’t work well.

As I say, your database will remain untouched and you are also using IMAP protocol so the emails are still stored on the server.



I’ll be blunt and honest I stopped using an intigrated suite and came to Em Client because it was highly rated and reviewed. I have had to deal with some quirks that are normal in email that are not done intinuativly in Em Client, no resending a message, no mail merge to send personalized versions to each person. But this is just out there saying all that is offered is a quick fix and not a real diagnostic and improvement approach to correct the issue.

I guess it is time to move on because despite somone saying the email will not be affected I do not know who they are or what there experience and training is so caveot emptor. 

oh the response to the resend was “we have forward as original” that is not the same as none of the original reciepients are on the new email.

Have a goog night, geting some sleep and searching for something tomorrow to replace this because if all anyone wants to do is take the easy way and not the best bay to make it better well…


The solution for resend is to simply copy the original sent email to the Outbox. No need to readd receivers. Forward as original is something else that is used when you want an email you have received to appear as your own.

Jay, I understand you are hesitant to uninstall. But let me be blunt; you will not lose anything. There, now an employee and a non-employee have stated the same thing in a single thread. You will see this in other threads as well. Uninstalling does not delete the database unless you use a utility like Revo with it’s scan after uninstall function. To be safe, make a backup before you uninstall then you can always restore if there is a problem. That is sound advice whether you are unsure or not.

My advice to you though in solving this problem is to uninstall the version you have, and downgrade to a previous version that was working for you.