Repeated IMAP errors reported

Every few minutes I get a box displayed reporting “Cannot open folder - mailbox doesn’t exist”. Attached is a screenshot. Can you help me please?

The easiest solution is to remove the email account from eM Client, then add it again.

But that doesn’t tackle why it is happening.
Doing what you’ve suggested will only end with the problem resurfacing, surely?

The problem may be because of some corrupted cached data. Removing the account will also remove all of its data. Then when you add it again, you will get a fresh new synced copy of what is on the server.

If the problem is still there afterwards, hopefully someone can suggest another option.

But if you want to continue without trying, that is fine. You can turn off the error pop-up so you are not bothered by it again. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Operations Window, and untick Show Window when an error occurs.

Plus, am I going to lose all of my inbox folders if I do this?

I don’t like the idea of just hiding the problem - what would *you* do? :slight_smile:

No, removing an IMAP account will only remove the data from your computer. The master copy of that data is stored on a server, so when you add the account again, it will re-sync that data without the faulty Trash folder.

I would do what I suggested and follow the easiest solution; remove the IMAP account and then add it again.

If you are not into that, you can try right-click on the Trash folder and choose Properties > Repair. That may also work.

I’ll try repairing first then. 

Repairing the Trash folder didn’t work and neither did deleting/reinstating the account - the IMAP errors about “Mailbox doesn’t exist” are still coming in at i minute intervals.

Shall I just suppress these messages? Or is that just storing up problems? What happens to these error messages if I just ignore them? Will they pile up and cause problems eventually or will they be deleted regularly?

eMClient just recreates these folders immediately after I delete them!!!
And then tells me they don’t exist once a minute!

BTW, Gary, I think you’re doing a brilliant job here! Many thanks.

Can you check what settings you have for special folders. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and click on the IMAP tab. Scroll down to the bottom.

Are they different from what is in this screenshot?

In the web interface for your email account, where is the Trash folder? Is it a sub-folder of Inbox?

Accounts/IMAP looks exactly like that except that Junk goes to Junk Email not Spam.

What do you mean by the ‘web interface’ - didn’t know there was one,

The web interface for your email server. While you are there you might want to empty your Trash folder and see if that makes any difference.

I thought you meant a web interface for emclient…!
I’ll look into this, thanks.

Only 37 in Trash (expected to find hundreds…). Have deleted them all and reinstated display of errors in EMClient : and the IMAP errors are still occurring. :frowning:

Was this Trash in eM Client or in the web interface? Do you maybe have more than one Trash folder?

I deleted all 37 messages from the Trash in the web interface. There is only one Trash folder in the web interface.

My Trash folder in eM Client has subfolders, some of which are empty and others containing stuff that is years old. I’m going to delete all of these sub folders and see what that does.