Repeated IMAP connection failures with proper info

I keep getting this error when I try to GET my email (IMAP)

Incorrect settings, try correcting or try later.

Even though I know I have the correct passwords and settings because the Diagnoses works,

AND I can send and receive my email if I log on directly to my email account using Google or Edge?

Can you display your IMAP settings as you did the Diagnostics?

I would suggest you look at this link which comes from the wowway support web site, for their correct settings

Still getting errors after resetting password and changing IMAP port

The host name should be ​​ according to the support site…

After I changed IMAP setting to imap.mail… as suggested, and ran diagnoses, it connected and I received the latest mail. Then it reset to;


That is what I started with, but it is working now.

Thanks for the advice.