Repeated authentication failures

I love emclient.  However, ever since I’ve started using it a couple of years ago, I’ve been getting repeated authentication issues.  This has happened across two different e-mail accounts (both of them with  Up until now, however, it’s only been a minor annoyance.  Since this past weekend, though, it’s been stuck:  I went several days without being able to send/receive e-mails.  I finally re-installed emclient.  I initially received the same messages, before it seemed to fix itself, and then reverted to saying that it could not authenticate.  Again, I love emclient, and have recommended it to others, but it has become unusable!

I know that the problem is not with my e-mail account, or emclient settings, because I’m accessing the same two e-mail accounts, using identical settings, on another computer.

I’m running v.6.0.27928.0 on a Win 10 pro machine.

Error message attached, along with logs.

Thanks for any help!


Hello David,
according to the log it seems your connection to the server is cut either by the server itself or a third-party application in your computer.
This can usually be your Windows Firewall or Anti-virus software.
Please try making an exception in these for eM Client and see if that fixes the issue.


Brilliant!  Thanks so much.  Avast seems to have been the issue:  I disabled the e-mail scanning and that fixed it.  Thanks again!

Kind regards,