repair inbox

am having to repair my inbox on a daily basis.  When I delete a message from my inbox, I see other messages also disappear from my inbox.  They are not in by deleted folder, or any other folder. They simply disappear.  There doesn’t appear to be any consistent pattern (e.g. adjacent messages, size, etc.) to the disappearance.  

Do you use IMAP functions?
If so, please check the number of process MailClient you have and their memory usage.

I wonder if this is a conversation mode issue.  If you choose “Show conversations in all views”, the message pane combines all messages in a conversation on one line.  If you delete this item, it will delete all messages in the conversation.  To delete a single message, right click on the message body in the reading pane and select delete.

Alternatively, go to menu/view/conversations and select “Shoe conversations in message detail only” and all incoming message (1 per line) will display in the message list.  You can then delete the individual messages from that list.

Thanks Jay.  I don’t use the conversation view/mode.  I’m old school, and like them in plain old chronological order.  But I appreciate that suggestion.

Thanks RIM.  I looked this morning and have two eM Client processes running.  One is using ~200MB, the other is using ~16MB.  However, the master task indicates that there are 5 subprocesses running.  I’ve never paid attention to how many processes are typically running.  I’ll start watching that.

The problem repeated itself this morning.  I started with 150 items in my inbox.  I highlighted and deleted 2, for a brief moment, my inbox count went to 148, then it changed to 146.  I’ve repeated those steps several times, and now probably have 10 emails missing from my inbox.  They are not in the Trash folder.  Once I run repair on my inbox, they will show back up again.