Reordering by subject should ignore "Fw:", "FW[2]", etc. parts of the subject.

Reordering by subject should ignore “Fw:”, “FW[2]”, etc. parts of the subject.

Example: If I have hundreds of emails, and a dozen of them is from a mail thread which originally had the subject “important topic” then the subsequent emails of that thread can have different subjects. For example:
Re: important topic
Fw: important topic
Re[2]: important topic
Fw[2]: important topic
Antw: important topic
Vál: important topic

(Antw or Atw is for German word Antwort, Vál is for Hungarian word Válasz, etc. but the meaning is the same as “Reply”)

When I reorder my mails in a folder then it is done by considering the whole string of subject. This causes a similar sequence:

Antw: Re: important topic (*)
important topic (*)
impulse sopping
indifferent things
Re: impulse sopping
Re: indifferent things
Re[2]: impulse sopping
Re[2]: indifferent things
Vál: important topic (*)

This is not good because I would like to see the mails about “important topic” (denoted by star in the above list) in one group. The solution could be the preprocessing of the subject strings before ordering. There should be a list of “ignorable substrings” which could contain patterns to be removed from the subject:
"Re[%d]: " or "Re[[0-9]+]: "
Reordering method should consider the preprocessed strings instead of the complete subject string.

Is there any update about this? i can see its 2 years old and nothing has been done about it.

Hi Hassan, sorry for the late reply to this topic. Thank you for the suggestion, however we can not ignore part of the subject line. To workaround this, you should be able to search for messages e.g. “important topic”, and then sort the messages by received date, so you can see the messages in a correct order.

We’re currently working on a new release of eM Client that should improve the behavior of the application regarding same subject/replies, etc.

Thank you for understanding,

When you plan to release this new version of eM Client?

eM Client version 7 it’s planned for release in Q2 2015. 


we are now on Q4 and still version 6… the sorting by subject is still bugged!

I agree.  I just came from WLM and the only major flaw I can see so far is the subject line creating separate threads due to the RE, FW, etc…  It is a pain to try to find all the related email in this case.  Can you let me know if you plan on introducing this please?

Paul, you say “we can not ignore part of the subject line”. Clearly, that’s false. You *can*, and indeed other clients such as Microsoft’s Outlook do. You are either choosing not to or simply don’t want to prioritize it. That’s fine, but be honest. (I’m not saying it’s an easy problem-- since there are various languages and formats to consider, such as multiple RE and FW and numbers-- but you can make it work. You just have to decide to do so. Consider me in support of the feature.

so here we are in version 7.1 and still having this same problem. wasnt this supposed to be resolved with the update?
why cant emclient process international headers like any other opensource email client?
i’ve paid money for emclient and such a simple improvement cannot be implemented??


The interesting thing is that eM Client can already strip these prefixes from the subject. When you look at the message list you can see them. But look at the subject in the message view, and it has been removed.

Figured it out - Settings>Mail>Replies and Forwards>Subject Modifications

Cameron, that applies only to messages you reply to or forward. It does not affect the sort order in the message list.

finally found this thread. Yes we need this feature to be implemented properly. 
At the moment its scattered all over the place. 
can someone respond? 

Having this same issue - and suffering through many chains with the same subject line being condensed into one. Anyone have an update? 

You can disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations, and they will not be grouped together.

I posted the change reuqest cca six years ago so that eMclient considers similar subjects as one group.

I have migrated to another sofware since then, cca 5.5 years ago so I am not an eMclient user anymore but it is funny to see that the same prolem is still there. That other tool orders based on subject easily ignoring “Re:”- like parts.

(Out of politeness, I don’t want to mention here which software I migrated to.)

I see the solution available in other email clients and as I commented above, eM Client is already able to strip the prefix. It will not be any big thing to use that for sorting. Maybe we will have to wait for version 8 to see this implemented, though this idea has not been marked as under consideration, so maybe it will never be implemented. ;-(

Paul - Technical Support wrote 4 years ago (see the second comment of this topic) that the then-next version will improve it. Appearantly, not too many changes have been made since that comment…

Yeah he said improvements would be made, and they were especially with version 7 and conversations, but he never said your idea would be implemented. In fact he said that part of the subject could not be ignored, which apparently changed since his comment because it can as you can see in my screen shot above.